Are you planning a long trip away from home If WiFi isnt available make sure you have enough digital material

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Let me tell you about an excursion I made last year on a boat through the Arctic. It sounded incredible, National Geographic trip through the ice and back with polar bears and other wildlife. It was likely to be ice everywhere, snow everywhere. Man-made machinery was going to battle the elements and cut through the frozen northern desert. It sounded like a huge project, a massive battle with the weather and the pole.

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I was advised to bring with me all the technology I could fit into my luggage. I did take my laptop with me and added a huge display to make the room more spacious. As they said, electricity was no problem. It would be a challenging task and I was unsure what I could anticipate. I was unaware that I would lose my internet connection just two days into my 14-day trip and then disappear completely from Earth for the next ten days. It occurred. I was absolutely devastated. Every trip, however difficult or remote, shouldn't result in an unexpected disconnect from the technological world, not in 21st century. I wasn't planning for the time off, and not only did I have an unfinished project that I needed to address during the coming week, but I also had additional things to complete.

The majority of people don't mind if they need to shut off the internet. Internet is all around, so if your home network has problems there are plenty of nearby McDonalds which offer free WiFi access. Additionally, you could bring your laptop with you to Starbucks to sit at a table and browse the Internet as much as possible. Up north, there is no café or restaurant to assist you. You are a long way away from the nearest power source. There's no free Internet. There are only two options in these situations you can choose to connect via satellite or turn off the internet.

I am unable to afford an expensive satellite phone. It is too costly and especially for Internet access. But, I'm planning to prepare a vast audio and video collection for the next time, before venturing to the far reaches of the world without Internet access. Last time I had only 2 songs. The songs were downloaded back earlier in the day, so all I could listen to was three jazz songs and a song I couldn't remember what it was called. It's that simple. Four tunes for two weeks of no-thingness. If I knew this was likely to be the scenario, I would have prepared. I would have loaded my laptop with movies, TV shows, and music videos. I would have listened to my favourite podcasts for hours. It's simple to download them, convert them to MP3 and save them to my personal computer. I then lay in bed and listen to the podcasts I love, but seldom have the time to actually listen. This would have been my gold hour and would have been two weeks' worth of gold. But, it was actually two weeks of looking at the ceiling and trying to catch passengers every time there was a sound coming from the corridors.

The trip was devoid literally and figuratively. I've never felt so bored. The ice was thick. I knew that this was likely to cause problems. The boat was forced to turn around and come back towards civilization. It was not a surprise. However, hours upon hours of downtime could easily have been listening to podcasts, watching videos for DIY home repair, or simply enjoying music. The next time, I'll convert YouTube videos to MP4 and MP3 on my personal computer. Music can boost your mood. Also remember Hulu and Netflix apps allow you to download films and shows for you to watch offline. These can also be viewed on the long arctic trip. Be sure to not waste your time with boredom. Have fun!